Shred guitar virtuoso

hi, my name is cyrus! my last name is pronounced gair-uh-maw-knee.
i am sometimes credited as KING CYRUS KING.
i am an executive producer at SUPER DELUXE.

i’ve contributed original music to several programs on Adult Swim and Comedy Central (including Kroll Show, The Eric Andre Show, and Another Period). in the last year i’ve had the pleasure of recording with Snoop Dogg, Honus Honus of Man Man, and i was recently on a nation-wide tour playing in Shannon and the Clams!

He's a genius. I'm a fan of Cyrus and I'm a fan of Hot Karate and he can just do anything. More than one comment regarding the bass playing on "Abracadabralifornia" has said, literally 'I feel bad for Flea because he has to play these dope bass lines over shitty lyrics.' So, basically, Cyrus plays bass so well that people think he is Flea.
Jon Daly [to Village Voice]
actor, comedian (Kroll Show, Zoolander 2)
Even if he's making a jokey version of a 'bad song', they end up being really great songs... "Ottawanna Go to Bed" is a fun pop song that I genuinely like, and when we were shooting the video, I was like, "I wanna fucking get down to this song." It really works for me.
Nick Kroll [to Pitchfork]
actor (The League), comedian
Cyrus is really brilliant about how he can put together a whole soundscape very fast.
Brett Gelman [to Paste Magazine]
actor (Eagleheart, Married), comedian
Cyrus Ghahremani. That dude’s a fucking genius. It’s really incredible when you look at what he was able to do. This album would be a complete disaster if he wasn’t at the helm.
Joe Mande [to Splitsider]
comedian, writer (Parks & Recreation)
Cyrus Ghahremani, who fronts L.A. rock band Hot Karate and composes music for Adult Swim shows and the Earwolf podcast network, made Internet magic.
Brilliantly subtle ... an exceptional Internet jokester.

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March 30, 2016
i’m performing at jashfesht, twice

this weekend, april 1-3 2016, JASH is hosting their inaugural JashFesht in palm springs. it’s a fun mess of music, comedy and film.

SAT 6PM // Brett Gelman and I present the first GELMANIA show of the year. wow!

SUN 5PM // i’ll be playing lead guitar for the HONUS HONUS project (an album i produced last year). it’s our official live debut. wow!

tickets and more info at

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February 1, 2016
Deep Night at the Hammer Museum

On Tuesday, February 16, I have the honor of being a guest on late-nite weirdo Dale Seever’s talk show, DEEP NIGHT! 7:30pm at the Hammer Museum. This is a free event.

The Hammer is located at the corner of Westwood and Wilshire boulevards in Westwood Village, three blocks east of the 405 freeway’s Wilshire exit.

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January 18, 2016
Mustaine prank hits 100k Views

When Dave Mustaine performed with the San Diego Symphony, critics said he “Did Worse Things to the Four Seasons Than Climate Change”.

It was bad, but I made it worse. The Symphony even filed a takedown notice for my performance, since they thought it was really Dave.

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