Shred guitar showoff
Finger Food

hot karate

from 2013, the second full-length from Hot Karate. a diverse handful of songs that span from idiosyncratic metal epics to perfect summer themes.

i play “lead bass” and sing on it! i also produced & engineered it.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. For every Zeppelinesque riff flirtation there was a trap door waiting to take the listener to another place entirely. And that voice…” crave online

“Finger Food, like the previous albums, is layered, dirty and unpredictable, but it shows a deeper commitment to creating master work in uncharted territories. It’s the kind of stuff music fans say is in press

“Technically proficient & fun to rock to. These are fun, unpretentious songs that sound much bigger than three guys. Wish I could hear this band live.equal ground

Strangely subdued and yet bursting with energy.  It’s everything progressive rock is supposed to be, here played in a very modern, up-tempo alternative fashion. This is music that takes you places you didn’t expect to go.” jerrylucky (canada)

Epic. Full of complicated, intelligent twists and progressive, unparalleled beauty. The band is aware of their brutal power, and wisely inserts powerful details in the music. They are lucid and necessary.caja de pandora (spain)