Shred guitar showoff

Days before their 2014 Super Bowl appearance,¬†the Chili Peppers offered as an appetizer of what they may be cooking up with the new track: “Abaracabadbralifornia”.

Jon Daly and I recorded a fake Chili Peppers song so precise and so bad, media outlets worldwide reported it as authentic. I wrote the music and played all the instruments.


“The song is classic Peppers, so much so, it almost sounds like a parody.” yahoo

“Hilarious.¬†The song was nearly indistinguishable from the genuine article, fooling many into thinking both the site and the song were legit.¬†A¬†must-listen” paste magazine

“Jon Daly and Cyrus Ghahremani¬†fooled¬†everyone –¬†had Twitter debating whether the song was real or not. ¬†They¬†expertly lampoon the band’s slap bass-anchored funk-rock, love of all things California and Anthony Kiedis’ non-sequitur raps” rolling stone

“Pure comedic gold –¬†and it’s so terrible that people are actually mistaking it for a real RHCP song.” LAist

“This Red Hot Chili Peppers Satire Song Makes Me Want to Kiss Its Creator on the Mouth” bustle

“A¬†brilliantly subtle fake Chili Peppers tune released by some exceptional Internet jokesters. An instant classic.” time magazine