Shred guitar showoff

joe mande mixtape

Brett Gelman throws his parents a dinner and tribute for their 40th anniversary with the help of legendary actors Tony Roberts and Patti LuPone. The evening soon unravels into a mind-melting comedic orgy of psychological torture and family dysfunction.

Aired February 13 2015 on Adult Swim. I composed the score & some sound design for this.


“Hip-hop and stand-up comedy have always been close cousins and on “Bitchface” Mande finds a way to bring them even closer.” Comedy Nerds United

“Perfectly absurd … the standup set is absolutely elevated. One of the aspects of Bitchface that is going to keep me returning to it on a regular basis is that it feels weird to just pick and choose segments like I do with most other comedy albums. Adding the mixtape flow to it makes it almost necessary to listen to from beginning to end, without interruption.” Paste

“Blends Mande’s style and the popular mixtape tropes effortlessly. It perfectly captures the nexus of his comedy and combines it with the appropriate components of a musical genre that often comes as close to comedy as music does.” Consequence of Sound

“Surprising and refreshing” AV Club

“Very real and impressive.” The Comics Comic